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Trick or Treating Safety Tips

News interview with a policeman, discussing safety for trick or treating: costumes, groups, crossing the streets, and candy.

Spookley the Square Pumpkin Song

Touching song about being different and wanting to be like others. Could be a character lesson, writing prompt, and or bullying lesson.

Michael Jackson and the Flintstone Kids- Just Say No

Cute little video with a song saying JUST SAY NO!! Good for 2nd - 4th

It's Ok to Say No TO Drugs

A cute song and video to encourage kids to JUST SAY NO!! Perfect for 2nd grade.

Pursue Your Passion

A quick video that encourages kids to get a NATURAL HIGH, like in sports and outdoor activities, instead of drugs. Better for 3rd and 4th

PLEASE AND THANK YOU: Berenstain Bears- Say Please and Thank You

How and why to say please and thank you

MAKING FRIENDS: Adventures from the book of Virtues- Friendship

Friendship skills