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Welcome Everyone to 4th grade Math 2014-2015
I am very excited to meet you. I will be teaching you 4th grade Math. We will be busy, busy, busy with lots of fun activities along the way. This is going to be a great year.

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Best way to contact me is by email. I do not have a phone in my room. My conference time is 2:00-2:45 M-F


The relationship between two place value positions are as follows.

As you move place values to the left it increases by 10 times if you are decreasing a place value its one-tenth of previous place value.


Partial Product Multiplication using area models.  Most of the students liked and understood this way.
To help with multiplication 2 by 2  and a way to check your answer.  Students call it the "Old Way".
*Not saying you are old!!