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Welcome to an exciting musical school year.  Students will learn about fundamentals of music theory.  Words like beat, rhythm, pitch, melody, time signature, notes, rests, and dynamics will become part of their vocabulary.  To enforce these concepts, they will play a variety of percussion instruments like drums, tone blocks, the gong, maracas, and boomwhackers.  The third graders will also play xylophones, and the fourth graders will add the recorder to their repertoire.   We will do lots of singing and dancing as we study about different cultures around the world as well as experience pride in our own country's history.  I also look forward to coaching students in UIL again this year.  We have an exemplary tradition to carry on with so many of our students placing in the top 5 of the Music Memory contest.  Above all, let's have fun together.  Enjoying music is something that goes beyond the classroom, and the musical education your child receives in school and at home will enrich his or her life for many years to come.