4th Grade STAAR Writing Test

Pleasanton Elementary Parents,

Tomorrow 4th grade students will take the STAAR Writing test and in May, 3rd and 4th
grade students will take STAAR Reading and STAAR Math. I am confident that the faculty
and staff at Pleasanton Elementary have prepared students for the demands of the
assessment. The STAAR will give the school information about how students perform in
each subject area. It will show areas of strength and areas that can be further supported to
help students grow in their academic understandings of the tested subjects.
We want to encourage students to do their best. However, there are many things STAAR
assessments do not show us about our students. This one moment in time, will not show us
their creativity, athleticism, or their artistic and musical giftedness. It will not let us know
how they encourage others in need, how they are great classroom and community helpers,
or how well they can grow gardens, work with animals or how supportive they are of
friends and family.
As testing dates approach, please encourage your students to do their best. Also, know that
the faculty and staff of Pleasanton Elementary loves to watch our students grow and no
matter what score the STAAR reports, we believe that our students are not just numbers
and we will continue to love and support their growth. We have Pride, Pride, Eagle Pride in
all we do. The test is important, but does not define who they are as students and what
they can accomplish.

STAAR Testing Dates
4th Grade STAAR Writing April 28
3rd & 4th Grade STAAR Math May 8
3rd & 4th Grade STAAR Reading May 9

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.

In Partnership,
Erica Bernal
Pleasanton Elementary School

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