Student Registration

New and Returning Student Registration

Families will be able to register children in all grade levels at the same time with the online registration. New and returning students will need to provide proof of residency to register for the next year. Proof of residency must be current or within the last 30 days and it can be a utility bill, water bill, gas bill, rental agreement or mortgage with the parent/guardian as the lease holder or owner, a signed affidavit or a tax statement. You will be able to upload the needed documents online when filling out the registration form. For the safety of our students we want to have up to date addresses and phone numbers of our families. A person enrolling a student will need to provide a copy of their current driver’s license or official photo ID with current address, and must be the student’s natural parent, legal guardian, or other person with legal responsibility for the child along with documentation (such as a birth certificate, court order, or power of attorney). New and returning students will not receive their schedule or teacher assignment in August until the registration packet is complete. Please contact your child’s campus if you have any further questions.